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UK Rail Privatisation: New Government Inherits It’s Old Problems

31 May

The way in which the UK rail network operates is hugely complicated. In short, several companies operate the trains according to a franchise agreement negotiated with the government, which covers a particular route or area, whilst another company maintains the tracks and signalling. Stations themselves are largely owned by the track maintainer or the largest […]

Smart Cards: The Future Path of Transit Ticketing

14 May
OV-Chipkaart OV Chipkaart Openbare Vervoer NL Nederland Netherlands Public Transport Smartcard GVB

Transit users in London and the South East of England will no doubt be familiar with the Oyster Card; Similarly transit users in the Netherlands will be familiar with the OV-Chipkaart; Both are known as “Contactless Smart Card” systems. They are just two examples of a new generation of ticketing systems that are being rolled […]

Airspace Shutdown Should Prompt Rethink On Pan European Rail Ticket System

04 May

The European Union was founded upon the principal that there should be freedom of movement for people and goods through member states. On the back of this direction if you decide to fly between EU City-A and EU City-B you can expect to be sold a ticket for that journey even at the airport. It […]