How New Camera Technology Helps Gloucestershire County Council Provide Better Transit

10 Dec

Working with Miovision

This year I’ve been busy working with Canadian start-up Miovision to open their new European office in Germany, and deliver the technology to new clients and partners. Miovision’s speciality is in providing  video based traffic data collection backed up by a highly accurate automated analysis system.  This highly tuned, “Saas” delivered, survey model provides clients with the opportunity to obtain their survey results 24 hours after uploading the video.

The proprietary technology surpasses the limitations seen in Tube Counts (those pneumatic rubber strips you may have seen stretched across the road) which are inaccurate in slow traffic and prone to tears, and also the inaccuracy of ‘human enumeration’ whereby gangs of hi-vis jacket wearing guys will sit by the side of the road clicking away the hours.  The cameras are dead easy to set up (about 10 minutes up and down will get you there) and will record for a whole week without you having to return to the survey site in between.

In just under a year we now have clients in France, Germany, Belgium and New Zealand (is that in Europe now?) and partners in Switzerland, Poland and Sweden.   In the last few months I’ve also provided Gloucestershire County Council in the UK with our camera technology, despite the tight economic conditions that prevail in UK local government funding.

How have we been able to do this? Proven Savings!

This week we released our new Case Study on the benefits the system has bought to Gloucestershire County Council which include an 85% reduction in the analysis turn around time and a cost reduction of 20% on the surveys themselves.  This is obviously of immense benefit to the council as not only does it allow them to continue surveying traffic patterns but it allows them to continue serving their customers and making improvements to the current road infrastructure.

You can view the Case Study I helped to write here

The brilliance of the system is the many direct and indirect benefits it will bring to both clients their own customers.  As many of the existing traffic survey methods can be hideously error prone, highly inaccurate and liable to technical failure, the end results of surveys using older methods can be akin to GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out).   With guaranteed survey accuracy of 95% Miovision provide a way for traffic surveys to be undertaken that will result in a tangible difference to the flow of the traffic via adjusted traffic light settings, roundabout warrant studies and road improvement schemes.  Amongst the many knock-on advantages of better data and better decisions will be the installation of roundabouts that increase the flow of traffic, more accurate timetabling and routing of buses and more confidence in spending tax payers money!

TRL Link Up

I’ve also been working on establishing a new partnership for Miovision with UK based TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) so that clients can download their reports and export the data directly in to TRL’s ARCADY software.  This means clients can model roundabouts with data collected just 24 hours beforehand, again improving representation and assisting in design.

More on Miovision can be found here: . I’m happy to answer any questions on the benefits of the system, and you can make contact either through this site or via email at rlenthall [at] miovision [dot] com

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