• How do I buy a ticket?
  • Where can I find a map?
  • How do I know which fare is the one for me?
  • Can I save money by buying a ticket in advance, or do I have to buy a ticket on the train?
  • Is my ticket valid?

We’ve all been there.  Stuck somewhere without a map, or a clue as to which way to turn next, or what time the next service might be.  But help is at hand!

The Community is a passenger forum that provides advice and insights to travellers using public transport around the world, and to help with those times that can be confusing when using a system for the first time.

You can send me questions and comments, and get in touch about your experiences of public transport.  Whether it’s with train, tram, bus, metro, or perhaps navigating through a station or airport terminal, no one is as experienced as you, the traveller.

To get in touch with your questions, and ideas simply use the Contact Form below, or use one of the methods listed on the Contact page.

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