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Sight of the Navigator consists of several subsections which have their own special interest, but all of which combine to further the discussion and promote the awareness of Travel and Transit.

The Community page encourages visitors to share and discuss their experiences of European transit networks, be they international train journeys, short haul flights or bus, tram and metro journeys on a more local basis.  Through the discussions and submissions it is planned to hold Service Design workshops at some point in the future so that together we can work towards finding inspiring solutions that improve service provision and the journey experience of the traveller.

The Blog pages are the continuation of the discussions raised by the site, along with my own experiences, commentary, reviews, plans and social network highlights that have happened along the way.  Contributions and feedback are always welcome. (Be sure to click on the “Register” option).

Finally, thanks for your visit and I hope you find the site informative, useful and inspiring.

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