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Project Comparison: Antwerp Centraal vs Stuttgart 21

25 Aug
Antwerp Central Railway Station Belgium Trains

Over the weekend I posted an article about the controversial Stuttgart 21 project (you can read it here). The idea of that post was to provide an introductory guide to the project and the associated protests, along with a commentary on the aims, goals and points of contention. This post, in way of comparison, will […]

Stuttgart 21: The Cost of Efficiency

20 Aug
Map of Stuttgart 21 Plan Stuttgart to Airport Flughafen and Ulm link High Speed Rail Link Deutsche Bahn DB

In Stuttgart 2 weeks ago I witnessed a protest-rally against Stuttgart 21. In a time where transit projects across Europe seem to be having a problem with cost control let’s take a look and see why this project is on the table in the first place. A New Heart of Europe Backed by the EU, […]

UK Rail Privatisation: New Government Inherits It’s Old Problems

31 May

The way in which the UK rail network operates is hugely complicated. In short, several companies operate the trains according to a franchise agreement negotiated with the government, which covers a particular route or area, whilst another company maintains the tracks and signalling. Stations themselves are largely owned by the track maintainer or the largest […]